We asked ourselves: How can we make a stand up paddle board that is better. How can we make it both high-performance AND convenient (plus never need to be repaired)?

Paddle boarding has become our favorite activity, but, let's face it, it is not very convenient. Until now, the two options have been hardboards, which are a nightmare to store and transport, or inflatable boards which perform poorly.

After years and many dollars in R&D, we're excited to bring you Easy Eddy, a convenient,  virtually indestructible, high-performance three-piece paddle board!

Made in our Leominster, MA factory, the Easy Eddy's patented design assembles in less than 60 seconds, getting you on the water faster--and more often!

Because the board disassembles into THREE light-weight pieces, the Easy Eddy can go and stow where no Paddleboard has gone before... like as a piece of luggage on a plane. 

We care about the oceans, lakes, rivers and ponds we paddle on. That's why every Easy Eddy is made with 10% recycled material and every board is 100% recyclable. This means we use no styrofoam, no fiberglass, and no toxic PVC as used in other paddle boards and can't be recycled.

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