SUP Leash
SUP Leash
SUP Leash
SUP Leash

SUP Leash

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Comfortable and easy to use paddle board ankle leash.

  • 5mm coated cable with swivel connection
  • Coils for kink-free use
  • 10ft long
  • Easily attaches to the rear grab handle
  • Cushioned, comfortable ankle cuff

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Diane Lee
Easy Eddy Leash

Very comfortable and the coiled leashes are the best

Chad Gooderham

Works great

New to SUP
So soft on my ankle...

The SUP Leash is super soft and when I'm out there on the water I don't even know that it is attached... of course, it is great peace of mind to know that it is there to keep me and my board together should something happen.

Heidi Hartston

There are small points protruding out, from inside the board. It looks like it will poke through. I have not taken my board out yet. I’ve just put it together in my living room.

Jesse Pau
Great board, awesome idea

I travel for work, doing construction. Being out of state three weeks a month and only having one weekend off, it’s hard to get on the water. I don’t want to have to have a kayak in the bed of my truck, or a paddle board strapped on top that I have to bring into the hotel to keep safe. And I don’t want to leave my stuff at home and I never use it. So this product is amazing. The three pieces fit well, very easy to put together and take apart. I’m a big guy but the board only weights 40lbs, so it’s nothing hard to handle from the truck to the water. And I just break it down, stick it in a bag I made and stow it in the truck bed. Safe, convenient, and easy to use. Highly recommend

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