FAQ: All about Easy Eddy

FAQ: All about Easy Eddy

Why a three-piece board?
We created a solution for paddlers who:

  • Want the performance of hard boards combined with the convenience of inflatables.

  • Want to easily store their board in their home, condo or apartment, even a dorm room.

  • Want to easily transport their board to the water inside their car or SUV. No need for expensive roof racks and overhead lifting struggles.

  • Want to be on the water quickly, not on shore inflating and deflating an inflatable.

What size is Easy Eddy?
Our first model is 10ft 2in x 32.5in x 5.5in. Other sizes and designs are coming soon. The dissembled stacked size is 49in x 32.5in x 15.5in.

What is the volume of Easy Eddy?
240 liters

Is Easy Eddy easy to put together?
Yes! It takes about a minute to assemble the board. See for yourself below.

What is Easy Eddy made from?
Easy Eddy is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that was specifically developed for white water kayaks.

Is Easy Eddy recyclable?
Yes. Even though Easy Eddy is built and designed to give you many years of paddling enjoyment it is made of HDPE, the most recycled plastic on the planet. It should never end up in a landfill like inflatable and fiberglass boards will.

How is Easy Eddy made?
Easy Eddy is made by rotational molding. This process makes the most durable plastic products and is the same process used in most kayaks and ultra-tough coolers.

Where is Easy Eddy made?
Easy Eddy is molded and assembled in the USA.

What kind of paddling is Easy Eddy designed for? 
Easy Eddy is an all- around board. It is at home on flat to choppy waters. Easy Eddy will handle wake boarding and even some light surfing.

Can I do yoga on Easy Eddy?
Absolutely! The full-coverage deck pad is for our yoga lovers and the hull design makes Easy Eddy a stable platform.

Can I travel with Easy Eddy?
Easy Eddy can be checked into any airline if your travel is by plane. If your travel is by boat, Easy Eddy easily fits on or below decks.

Can I mount my action camera?
Yes. Easy Eddy has a ¼”–20 threaded insert in the front. It accepts most action camera mounts. Great for selfies or recording your paddling adventures.

Is that a storage hatch in the front?
Yes, it is. It is water resistant and great to store your phone, keys, and wallet. It will also keep your shirt and snacks dry. There is a bungee system for the items that can withstand a little splashing as well.

What size is the fin, and is it retractable?
The fin is 11” when deployed. Retractable means that it will not break if you glide over a rock or pull your board onto shore to sit on. The fin folds into a pocket. This also makes storage and transportation even easier.

How long has Easy Eddy been in development?
Our team of watersport enthusiasts, from paddle board racers to Olympic kayakers to novice boarders, have been working together for over 3 years. After multiple prototypes, numerous design revisions, and many material tests, we have created a board that brings the performance of hardboards and the convenience of inflatables, with none of the drawbacks, to paddleboarding.


Where can I buy an Easy Eddy Paddle Board?
Initial pre-orders began through Kickstarter and are now EXCLUSIVELY available through our website or Indiegogo.com.